BIOI4460 Bioinformatics Journal Club

In the Bioinformatics Journal Club the aim is to get to know the latest advancements in the bioinformatics field and to get experience on presenting, critical reading and summarizing the key points of a research article.

In 2019 spring semester the format of the Bioinformatics Journal Club will be slightly modified as follows. In addition to the student presentation of 15-20 minutes on one recent journal article, each club session will have a more senior researcher to chair the session and connect the article to a bigger picture context within the research discipline (5-10 minutes). After the article presentation, the thoughts that the article provoked will be discussed together.

Bioinformatics Journal Clubs in spring 2019:

13.2. Metagenomics

Niklas Paulin will present the following article:

Vangay et al. US Immigration Westernizes the Human Gut Microbiome. Cell. 2018 Nov 1;175(4):962-972.e10.

Host: Jesse Harrison, PhD


13.3. Phosphoproteomics

Ye Hong will present the following article:

Roy et al. Proteomic analysis of postsynaptic proteins in regions of the human neocortex. Nat Neurosci. 2018 Jan;21(1):130-138.

Host: Veronika Suni


10.4. Genomics

Vladislav Lysenkov will present the following article:

McRae et al. Prevalence and architecture of de novo mutations in developmental disorders. Nature. 2017 Feb 23;542(7642):433-438.

Host: Sofia Khan


8.5. Regulation of gene expression

Thomas Faux will present the following article:

Bravo González-Blas et al. cisTopic: cis-regulatory topic modeling on single-cell ATAC-seq data. Nat Methods. 2019 Apr 8.

Host: Kalle Rytkönen

The Bioinformatics Journal Club will be held in Biocity, side B, 5th floor seminar room (BIO5017a) at 2pm.

1-5 ECTS, Advanced studies (MSc and PhD students eligible to participate). Participating in the journal clubs six times equals 1 credit (participation is monitored by a name list that is circulated every time) and credits are accumulated so that 12 times equals 2 credits and so on. Presenting an article in the journal club equals 1 credit.

Language: English

Contact persons: Sofia Khan (, Riku Klén (

You can find: Schedule of the club for 2018-2019, List of articles, Instructions for the presentation and Earlier articles presented in the Bioinformatics Journal Club from here. Choose the article that you want to present from this list. If you know an article you would like to present and that is not in the list, please contact the contact persons first.