Bioinformatics Journal Club

At the Bioinformatics Journal Club, our aim is to learn about the latest advancements in the field of bioinformatics, and to gain experience in presenting, critical reading, and summarizing key points from research articles. Articles chosen should be from high-impact journals (e.g. Science, Nature, Nature Methods) and published within the past 12 months. 

The format of the Bioinformatics Journal Club is as follows: each club session starts with a short introduction by a student (~5 min) to place their chosen article in its wider context within the research discipline, which is followed by an in-depth presentation of the article (~10-15 min). After the presentation, all participants are welcomed to discuss the presented article, its impact and its relation to their own work/studies (~20-30 min). The presentations and discussions are in English.
The Journal Club is open to everyone interested!

Schedule, autumn 2022 (pdf)

Bioinformatics Journal Clubs take place in Biocity B stairs, 5th floor seminar room at 13-14 on following Wednesdays:

“Live-seq enables temporal transcriptomic recording of single cells” Nature, August 2022
Presenter: Sebastián Zúñiga Norman

“Real age prediction from the transcriptome with RAPToR” Nature Methods, July 2022
Presenter: Alexander Biehl

“Multi-omics single-cell data integration and regulatory inference with graph-linked embedding” Nature Biotechnology, May 2022
Presenter: Emmi Hämäläinen

“Interactive single-cell data analysis using CellarNature Communications, April 2022
Presenter: Paulina Frolovaite



Recommendation for credits
Participating in the journal clubs six times is recommend to equal to 1 credit  and credits are accumulated so that 12 times equals 2 credits and so on. Presenting an article in the journal club equals 1 credit. Participation is monitored by a name list that is circulated every time – please contact us to ask for a certificate when you are claiming your credits at the end of your studies. 

Contact Us to register as a presenter for the next season and for more information: Tea Ammunét ( and Julia Mathlin (