Bioinformatics Journal Club

We organize the Bioinformatics journal club once a month to promote interaction between the local bioinformatics community and share the latest research developments in the field.

Single-Cell Omics Data Analysis Club

We organize the Single-Cell Omics Data Analysis Club together with CSC to bring together people working with single-cell data analysis and discuss the leading-edge data analysis approaches. Spatial transcriptomics, May 2022 – slides and video


We organize two courses each year.

  • DRUG0007 Bioinformatics in Drug Discovery (5 ECTS)
  • BIOT1524 Modern Biotechnologies and Bioinformatics (4 ECTS)

Online single-cell data analysis course material

Our single-cell data analysis training material from the EMBL-EBI course Bioinformatics for T-Cell immunology 2022, Cambridge, UK is available at GitHub.

Training material for a scRNA-seq analysis workflow and trajectory inference with Totem from our hands-on sessions at Olissipo School on Modelling and Analysis of Single Cell Multiple Biological Omics is available on Github.